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First Excursion

We went on our first trip with my family and Captain Steve. I was so impressed with how convenient the slip was to where we parked our vehicle. In 20 steps we were on the boat, ready to go! I have never boarded a boat so easily and was so excited for our first excursion. As we made our way to our favorite hangout spot, Keewaydin Island, we encountered 2 dolphins swimming close to our boat, in Naples Bay. Unfortunately I did not get any photos of them. It was such a smooth ride though the backwater on our way south. The boat handled oncoming boat wakes very easily and smoothly, without even a splash of water onto the deck. We encountered a nesting osprey on our way and saw a variety of other birds too. Then we arrived at Keeywaydin Island, where we quickly anchored and stepped off the boat onto the beach. It was only a few minutes before I took off to go treasure hunting for shells, sea glass and other sea goodies! I walked for a few miles, getting lost in the beauty and serenity of the island and surrounding waters. After collecting various shells, sand dollars, and even some sea glass, I made my way back to the boat, pleased with my little treasures. On our way back to the dock, my son and I made ourselves comfortable on the two forward loungers and actually fell asleep during the peaceful ride. We can't wait to share our beautiful boat and all the beauty Naples and the surrounding areas have to offer, with our new customers!

A nesting osprey staring us down as we take a photo

My Keewaydin Island treasures from my beach walk

Morgan enjoying the comfort of the lounge style seating

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